The advantages of using electronic invoicing

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When it comes to the advantages that you can get when you use electronic invoicing, you have to know that it is less expensive, faster, clear and more reliable. It is better compared to the inefficiency of the manual and paper handling process. Changing the paper invoicing towards the electronic invoicing can change dramatically the accounts that are receivable. It can cut the processing cost that can reach up to 80 percent and it reduces the DSO to reach at least for a less than a week. However, you have to know that the electronic Invoicing still adheres to the international tax compliance rules set by the global economy and should be in the Cfdi format.

The solution works by validating the e-invoice on the billing application. The e-invoice will be then processed depending on the regulations. The e-invoice has to be routed using the email or it can be published at the web portal.  You can retrieve or track the e-invoice using the web portal. There are many benefits that everyone will get when a business starts to use the services of the provider of electronic invoicing.

As a business, you will be able to cut the cost that you were using in sending the bills down to 80 percent. You will reduce the DSO significantly. You will reduce the invoice cost and storage of the electronic archiving. You can get access to the invoices online where you can review them and make the download.  You will be able to know when the customers do read the invoices using the invoice acknowledgement.

As a customer, using the electronic billing system, you will be able to reduce the storage costs that will allow you to archive the invoices electronically.  This will give you the access to the invoice 24 hours for 7 days a week when the invoice is on the portal. When the invoice is on the company Letterhead with the PAC signature, then it means that it complies with the regulation of the country. The customers can access the invoice online for the review and for downloads.

The following are unique functionality of the automated electronic invoices.   The customers can go to the portal to set their preferences on how they want to get the invoice delivery and email addresses.  Both customers and the business can access the invoice in the real time. The customer gets the notification on the email to tell him or her that the invoice is available.  As a business or as a customer, it is important to ensure that all the e-invoices are in the compliance with the international regulations. The web portal can also be available for the tax auditors which allow them to get the view, to double check and to download the invoices to ensure that they are authentic and that they meet the integrity.

If you want to switch the e-invoice, you have to take time to encourage and to introduce it to the customers so that they can switch to the electronic invoicing by the use of provided web portal.

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